Botox Cosmetic

When you look at your reflection in the mirror, how do you feel? Do you feel that you need to hide your frown lines? Does your heart sink every time you discover new creases around your eyes? Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet are all parts of the aging process. However, no matter the number of times you hear people say you should embrace them, it’s completely natural to want to hold to the smoothness and radiance of youth. Luckily, Botox Cosmetic® can make that happen!

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Botox Cosmetic®

What Is Botox Cosmetic®? 

Botox Cosmetic® is a facial rejuvenation treatment that involves injecting your facial muscles with purified protein. It targets your nervous system by interrupting nerve signals that stimulate facial muscle contraction.

You can think of it as temporary paralysis of your facial muscles. For your muscles to contract, your nerves have to release acetylcholine. When acetylcholine is released, it will attach to muscle cell receptors causing your muscles to contract. Through Botox Cosmetic® injections, the release of acetylcholine is prevented. If your muscles don’t contract, your skin will eventually smooth and the wrinkles will start to fade. 

Who Can Get It?

This treatment has been around for years and millions of people all over the world can vouch for its efficiency in reducing age lines. While Botox Cosmetic® is perfectly safe for people between the ages of 18 and 65 years old, they should not be administered to the following people:  

  • People who experienced allergic reactions to Botulinum toxin type A injections
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People who have muscle problems or are diagnosed with chronic diseases that involve muscles such as Eaton Lambert syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis. 

Is It Safe? 

This is completely safe if it is administered by a trained professional. Botox® has been used for more than 20 years in treating medical conditions in both adults and children. However, it is also popularly used to erase the formation of wrinkles and fine lines making it one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the world. 

Do You Want To Make Your Face Look Younger?

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to slash years off your face, you should consider giving Botox Cosmetic® a try. At Lifeway Dental, we offer this as part of our wide range of services. Our years in the industry have given us the knowledge, experience, and skills for delivering promising results. If you have questions about our services, contact us today to learn more!