Where can I get Invisalign in Boca Raton?

Dental Office
May 15, 2017

Many people think of traditional braces when it comes to getting straighter teeth. Did you know there are alternative options to wearing metal braces? Invisalign is an invisible retainer that slowly and gently will move your teeth giving you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. This modern approach to straightening teeth uses a custom set of retainers made specifically for your mouth to help you achieve your best smile. If you want to learn about Invisalign and how it can help you, contact London Dental Group today. Dr. Steven London and his team offer the latest approach when it comes to Invisalign and helping patients get the best smile possible.

What are the advantages for Invisalign over traditional braces?

Invisalign is growing in popularity but traditional metal braces are still the path that many people choose to get straight teeth. Metal braces are often worn when you’re a kid, and if you never got braces as a child you may not want to have metal braces in your mouth as an adult. Invisalign offers you an option that provides invisible retainers that allow you to perfect your smile. You will get a new retainer about every two weeks until your treatment is complete. This will allow you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without needing to wear metal braces for a long time.

Another advantage people love about Invisalign is that the retainers are removable. This allows you to take out your retainer when you eat and when it’s time to brush or floss your teeth. When you have metal braces food can get stuck in your braces and it can be difficult to brush and floss. This isn’t an issue with Invisalign and you can make sure that you’re continuing to brush and floss the same as you always have.

If you think Invisalign could be an option for you now is the time to contact our office at London Dental Group. We offer Invisalign in Boca Raton and can help you get the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign retainers offer a gentle and easy way to help align your teeth and get your straightest smile. Many adults don’t like the idea of wearing traditional metal braces so they look for alternative options. Invisalign is one option that can be a perfect solution to getting traditional metal braces. To schedule your consultation call our office today and see how Invisalign can help transform your smile.