Invisalign® Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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December 10, 2021

People will go to great lengths to make themselves feel wonderful. There are, thankfully, methods to look nice without sacrificing quality. You might use Invisalign in Boca Raton to straighten your teeth. There are no extremes here; instead, there are invisible braces and a long-term solution 

This treatment uses a series of transparent aligners to straighten your teeth without the need for uncomfortable brackets and wires.    

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Surviving Clear Aligners: Tips & Tricks

Keep a Bowl or Glass to Soak Your Aligners

Place Invisalign aligners in a small glass bowl with water in the same place every day before dining at home. Allow the aligners to soak in the bowl until you have finished your meal. Put them back on after brushing as you usually would.  

Denture Cleaning Tablets Can Be Used to Clean Aligners    

You can soak your aligners with denture tablets at least three times a week to ensure they stay clean. Simply put the denture tablet into the glass bowl while eating a meal, and your aligners will be clean by the time you’re done.  

Take Out Your Aligners in the Same Spot

Always set aside an extra minute before meals to remove your aligners in the same manner you do at home. You won’t misplace them like your keys or phone if you do it this way.  

Set a “Pop On” Reminder

It’s easy to forget to out your aligners back on, especially if your mind is elsewhere. Set a timer on your phone to ensure you don’t forget to put them on.  

You are delaying your treatment every time you forget to put your aligners back on. It will take some time to adjust, but they will gradually become second nature if you keep to these routines regularly.  

Keep a Hold of Your Previous Tray

When it comes time to replace their aligners, some people dump their old ones in the garbage. Everyone is eager for a new set of aligners after weeks of wearing the same ones. Consider what would happen if someone misplaced their current aligners before obtaining their new trays. How will they maintain their momentum and avoid reversing their gains? 

This person would be in much better shape if they had their prior trays on hand. Save last your aligners in case you lose or break your current ones to avoid this predicament. The dentist may also find use of them if some adjustments need to be changed. 

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has several advantages that metal braces do not.  Because Invisalign can be removed for eating, cleaning, brushing, and flossing is then made more accessible. Furthermore, unlike metal brackets, food will not become trapped. 

Because aligners don’t have any loose brackets or wires, they may require fewer repairs and orthodontic visits in the future. The most significant advantage is that transparent aligners are practically invisible, which means that most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. 

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Are You Interested in Getting Invisalign in Boca Raton?

If you’ve been seeking a technique to straighten your teeth without the hassle of braces, we’ve got you covered. At Lifeway Dental, we understand how much the thought of braces may put individuals off from getting their teeth straightened.  

With Invisalign, you may enjoy all of the advantages of braces without discomfort or self-consciousness. Give us a call now to learn more about Invisalign and its numerous benefits.  

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