ITero® Machine

Teeth have a complex structure, filled with ridges, dips, and roots below the gumline. As dental issues develop on a tooth, correcting them can be a challenge without a complete and accurate image, which can be challenging to obtain with more common scanning and modeling technology. This is also the case for many restorative procedures. The iTero® scanner presents the best modern solutions to this problem, and at Lifeway Dental, we are excited to improve the treatment of our patients using the iTero® machine in Boca Raton.

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ITero® Machine

What is the iTero® Scanner?

The iTero® machine is an advanced imagining tool used to take dental impressions. This system captures thousands of frames per second, consolidated and rendered into a three-dimensional computer model. Algorithms help fill the images' gaps for a complete and highly accurate picture that can be used to detect dental abnormalities or create restorative treatment plans.

Why are iTero® Scanners Superior?

iTero® machines offer certain benefits that other methods simply can’t match. Specifically, the wand used to take dental impressions is small and maneuverable, making it less uncomfortable for patients and easier for dentists to get images of hard-to-reach places.

Secondly, the technology behind these scanners helps create complete and detailed images of dental structures, which makes many procedures more effective. Furthermore, scans from the iTero® system can be easily shared electronically, meaning faster turn-around time for procedures that require lab-work like orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

What are the Benefits of iTero® Scanners?

  • Eliminates the discomfort of impressions and re-impressions
  • Shortens seating appointments by 22% and virtually eliminates return appointments
  • Provides real-time, high-impact visualizations for faster results

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At Lifeway Dental, our goal is to provide the most effective treatment possible for all our patients. That’s why we are dedicated to using the most advanced technology in the field. Contact us today to learn more about our approach!