Juvederm® Lip Fillers

Do you ever wish you could make your lips look plumper? The beauty industry is offering numerous treatments to enhance your beauty–this includes your lips. If your lips look uneven or thin and you want to give them more volume, JUVÉDERM® Lip Fillers may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting your lips with hyaluronic acid. It’s completely safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 2006. 

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Juvederm® Lip Fillers

What Are JUVÉDERM® Lip Fillers? 

JUVÉDERM® Lip Fillers are dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. When this acid is injected into your lips it adds volume to it. Is it safe? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes because your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, which means you are not introducing a foreign substance to it.  

Once it’s injected, it stimulates the production of collagen which will plump up whichever part it’s injected in. As you get older, the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid your body produces decreases, resulting in thinning lips. 

Are There Side Effects and Risks?

What’s going to happen after the solution is injected into your lips? Aside from the increase in volume, you should expect bruising and swelling. There are also other possible side effects including:  

  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Bumps and lumps
  • Itching 
  • Pain  

These side effects normally subside within two weeks to a month. However, if they become worse, you should call your doctor right away. 

What Should You Expect After Receiving Filler Injections? 

The recovery time is very minimal. However, you will be advised to skip going to the gym, applying makeup, drinking alcohol, and being exposed to the sun for at least a day after receiving the treatment. The effect of the injections are usually instantaneous but you will be able to appreciate it completely once the swelling subsides. 

Are You Excited to Get JUVÉDERM® Lip Fillers?

Adding more volume to your lips will do more than restore your youth, but it will also build up your confidence. It’s a quick and easy procedure that will give you amazing results for six months up to two years. At Lifeway Dental, we are devoted to providing you with comprehensive and superior quality care. Our years of experience in the industry enable us to safely inject fillers on your lips to give you that sexy pout you’ve always wanted. If you have questions about our services, contact us today to learn more!