What to Do if Something Comes Loose

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November 17, 2021

Our adult teeth must survive the remainder of our lives once we lose all of our baby teeth. Given the amount of effort and trauma our teeth are subjected to on a daily basis, that’s a tough ask. Our molars and incisors, thankfully, are up to the challenge. If one of your permanent teeth has become loose, this might indicate significant dental issues that you should discuss immediately with your emergency dentist in Boca Raton.  

Failure to do so might result in the loss of your tooth and even more. 

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What Causes Loose Teeth in Adults

Teeth Injury

Healthy teeth are sturdy, but a direct injury to the face can cause teeth and surrounding tissue to be damaged. Anyone who believes their teeth have been injured by accident should consult an emergency dentist as soon as possible.  


Bruxism, or nighttime grinding, affects roughly a total of ten percent of the adult population. Everyone has undoubtedly heard the dreadful sound of teeth grinding together in the middle of the night at some time in their lives. That sound suggests that a sleeper’s teeth are often subjected to the pressure applied during regular chewing.  

Because of the back-and-forth clenching and grinding, these significant forces wear enamel down and cause teeth to become loose in their sockets.  

Gum Disease

Gum disease or periodontal disease is considered to be the leading cause of loose permanent teeth. Gum disease occurs when germs build up in the mouth, causing the gums to recede to the point where they can no longer keep the tooth in place. In certain circumstances, the bacteria that cause gum disease can also harm the roots and bones. When gum disease is the root of the problem, it’s critical to address the underlying issue while stabilizing the tooth.  

How to Handle a Loose Tooth

Avoid Sticky or Hard Foods

You could become hungry and would like to eat something before seeing your emergency dentist. If you must eat with a loose tooth, chew food on the other side of your mouth.  

Sticky foods like toffee or sweets, chewy foods like dried fruits, and hard foods like nuts should all be avoided.  

Keep Teeth Clean

Brushing and flossing your loose tooth might cause it to loosen even more. You may, however, swirl some warm water about in your mouth to clear it. This will remove debris from the dislodged tooth and aid in the reduction of bacterial accumulation.  

Do Not Touch Your Tooth

As much as possible, avoid touching your tooth. This means you shouldn’t try to straighten it out with your tongue, and you shouldn’t use any form of a temporary dental splint. This will worsen the situation.  

Even if you believe your tooth will need to be extracted, you should never attempt to do it yourself. Trying to do so will raise the risk of infection from a destructive tooth extraction. It will also be excruciatingly uncomfortable.  

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Schedule an Emergency Dental Appointment with Your Emergency Dentist in Boca Raton

A loose tooth is a significant dental problem that should not be ignored. You should see an emergency dentist at Lifeway Dental as soon as you discover a loose tooth.   

Our years of experience in the industry have given us the confidence and knowledge to tackle any dental problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us straight away if you have any queries regarding our services!